Cam Crowley

Cameron Crowley is a camera and postproduction specialist. He has almost 20 years production experience in a variety of roles - from cinematographer, camera operator, editor, animator, and motion graphics designer to commercials producer/director and video artist.

During his BA study in Fine Art Photography (RMIT) in the early 90s, Cam discovered a fascination for the digital image. This led him to work in the fields of editing, multimedia, digital animation, editing and motion graphics in the advertising, corporate and exhibitions industries in Melbourne, Australia (including the dizzying heights of the late 90s!).

In 2001, Cam was selected to take the position of Exhibition Video Co-coordinator at Museum Victoria’s newly opened $300million Melbourne Museum. He has been instrumental in the production of numerous award winning video programs, exhibitions, and television commercials for Museum Victoria (including Melbourne Museum/IMAX, Immigration Museum, Scienceworks and the Melbourne Planetarium).

This period of Cam's life lead to him gaining expertise not just in editing and postproduction, but also moving and still image resourcing/research, time-lapse photography, camera technology and sound design. Additionally during this time, Cam has produced and directed music videos, performed numerous VJ sets at Big Day Outs and other local and overseas festivals, collaborated on various photography, film and video projects in one guise or another, and has been a part of the organization of the Port Shorts Film Festivals held in Far North Queensland.

In 2008, Cam decided to get back to his passion for cameras and formed Digicine.  Subsequently he has worked on feature films in Australia and overseas, as well as short films, TV series, documentaries, music videos, TVCs and corporate shoots in various capacities including Director, DOP, 2nd Unit Cinematographer, 1st AC, Camera Operator, DIT, & 3D Rig Tech.

Cam often combines his passions for camera rigs and imaging with the worlds of snowboarding and scuba diving. Underwater imaging is his current emerging specialty but the mountains will always be a favorite place.  Most recently Cam has been working with Ocean Planet Images, bringing his expertise to the world of underwater 3D shooting and postproduction.  As part of this team, he recently worked as underwater 3D Camera Assistant on director Tsui Hark’s 3D epic - Detective Dee shot in Hengdian, China.

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