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Registering Your Account.

To Register just click on "My Account" under the search bar on the home page.

By registering an account you can

  • Experience fast check out
  • Email clips to colleague
  • Place clips into a lightbox to view later
  • Get updates of new clips
  • Request discount for bulk clips
  • Download free preiview clips for comping into your edit.
  • Request discount for Indy/ Student projects.

Updating Account Information.

Account information can be updated by clicking "My Account" and edit Account information.


Select the product you wish to purchase, double click the thumbnail window.  A larger video player appears with a drop down window to the right.  This drop down window defaults to the “Purchase” window. Further information about the clip can be found by selecting “Clip Info”.  This information contains details on description, SKU, the contributor, length of the clip, camera source, file formats and size of files, readily available formats, buy out options and the file sizes of available formats.  

You must select all of the following in the “Purchase” drop down menu - FORMAT, USAGE, TERRITORY, LICENCE TERM, FILE FORMAT.



ENTERTAINMENT – Narrative projects

ADVERTISING – Projects selling products

DOCUMENTARY – Non-narrative Projects

CORPORATE – Company and Corporate Projects




For theatrical and public screening spaces.  This includes all movie trailers, posters, broadcast, cable, Internet, trade show, gaming, retail display and point of sale.


For television and/or cable television broadcast.


For DVD use only.


For websites and other Internet use only.


For the production of video or online games. 


For use at trade shows, agricultural shows, fairs, and shopping malls – anywhere the passing public can view the product.


For in-house promotion only including shops, offices, warehouses, DVD for internal business use or customers who enter your place of business.


For use in a development pitch for advertising agencies, editors, website developers, gaming developers or any other industry that require visual moving images to assist in winning campaigns, contracts and jobs.  This product is not for public display of any kind. 


There are only two options – “worldwide” and “country” and you must select the extent to which the clip could possibly be viewed.  For example, if you are a website developer, your territory is “worldwide”, if you are a production company producing a TV commercial for an Australian audience, your territory is “country”.  If you are a TV producer, producing an Australian TV series with Australian content that may have worldwide sales, your territory is “worldwide”.



There are 3 options to select - one year, two year or in Perpetuity.

Perpetuity is the only selection for theatrical, broadcast and cable entertainment, due to chain of title criteria.



This is the type of file you will require for your production.  Available formats include – 

R3D-2K to 6K 

2K DPX 10bit 2040x1080 

Pro Res 4444 1440x 1080

Pro Res 422 HQ 1920 x 1080

Avid DNxHD 1920 x 1080

H264 1280 x 720 8.6mpbs.  

Databunch has selected these file formats, as they are the most popular with all audio-visual industries.  If you have requirements for a particular file format that is not on our list please contact us so we can arrange your particular file format.  



All projects that will be using your selected clip must be entered in this selection.  This ensures that indiscriminate use by a third party of your selected clip can be monitored.  If you wish to use your clip in a project that you did not list at the time of purchase, please send us an email notifying us of the additional project.

Once you have completed all of the required fields you will be able to proceed to the checkout by clicking “Go to Cart”.

A shopping cart window will appear.  Please check that the product you want and the required fields have been completed to your satisfaction.  If you have any discount codes that you are able to apply, this is where you do this.  Please see below regarding “Discount Codes”.  Select “Proceed to Checkout”.

Before you get to checkout you must either login to the Databunch site or create an account with Databunch.  Please fill out all “Required Fields”.  Once logged in you will be directed to a new window that prompts your Databunch account details such as your billing address for your credit card.  Select continue.  This will prompt a window to enter your credit card details. 

Do not close final window until notifcation of purchase!



Q: Why do you ask for the project title in checkout?

We monitor all projects for adherence to the Deed of Licence.

Databunch needs to ensure for our contributors that the use of all purchased clips are being used for the projects for which they are intended and within the conditions as set out in the Deed of Licence.  You are able to use purchased clips for as many projects and as often as you wish during the licence term.  However you must nominate the projects for which the clip is intended. 

Indiscriminate use by third parties can be monitored and checked providing accurate project titles are entered at the time of purchase.  Any subsequent projects for which you use purchased clips must be declared to Databunch by email.  Databunch frequently checks the usage of purchased clips.  Where we find discrepancies we will be contacting you first.

Please check the dropdown box is checked with the correct Licensing for Product use,Territory and time frame.

Different codecs from advertised can be requested for Download.

If you have any footage or codec requests please contact us.



Delivery is by download directly from our server. The end connection (yours) dictates download times. Some files contain large amounts of data so we reccomend a high speed internet connection.

After purchase you will recieve three emails containing

  • Tax invoice including terms and conditions as PDF for your records.
  • Download details and password.
  • eWay transaction receipt.




For shipping clips on a disk please contact us

Privacy & Security.

We respect your personal privacy so we take all appropriate steps to keep your personal information confidential. Currently we use Rapid Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol encryption method to safeguard your information.

We do not share any information with 3rd parties nor do we keep credit card details.

For your convenience may contain links to other web sites. Linked web sites operate independently, we are not responsible for webcasting or any other form of transmission received from any linked site. We advise reading the linked site's policies.

Please see our Privacy Policy

Please Note

You must review the purchase in Checkout as there will be no refunds once a clip is purchased.
Re-sale or Re-Licencing of the clip is not permitted.
See Terms and Conditions.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

Payment is via eWAY  using any VISA Debit or Credit Card.

Viewing Orders.

Orders can be viewed in My Cart at the top right of all pages and in the summary in Checkout.

You will recieve a reciept of payment along with Chain of Title details and clip details by email immediatly on transaction.

To review buyers Deed of Licence please contact us

See Frequently Asked Questions