Frequently Asked Questions





Q: How do I purchase clips from Databunch?


Select the product you wish to purchase, double click the thumbnail window.  A larger video player appears with a drop down window to the right.  This drop down window defaults to the “Purchase” window. Further information about the clip can be found by selecting “Clip Info”.  This information contains details on description, SKU, the contributor, length of the clip, camera source, file formats and size of files, readily available formats, buy out options and the file sizes of available formats.  

You must select all of the following in the “Purchase” drop down menu - FORMAT, USAGE, TERRITORY, LICENCE TERM, FILE FORMAT.



ENTERTAINMENT – Narrative projects

ADVERTISING – Projects selling products

DOCUMENTARY – Non-narrative Projects

CORPORATE – Company and Corporate Projects




For theatrical and public screening spaces.  This includes all movie trailers, posters, broadcast, cable, Internet, trade show, gaming, retail display and point of sale.


For television and/or cable television broadcast.


For DVD use only.


For websites and other Internet use only.


For the production of video or online games. 


For use at trade shows, agricultural shows, fairs, and shopping malls – anywhere the passing public can view the product.


For in-house promotion only including shops, offices, warehouses, DVD for internal business use or customers who enter your place of business.


For use in a development pitch for advertising agencies, editors, website developers, gaming developers or any other industry that require visual moving images to assist in winning campaigns, contracts and jobs.  This product is not for public display of any kind. 


There are only two options – “worldwide” and “country” and you must select the extent to which the clip could possibly be viewed.  For example, if you are a website developer, your territory is “worldwide”, if you are a production company producing a TV commercial for an Australian audience, your territory is “country”.  If you are a TV producer, producing an Australian TV series with Australian content that may have worldwide sales, your territory is “worldwide”.



There are 3 options to select - one year, two year or in Perpetuity.

Perpetuity is the only selection for theatrical, broadcast and cable entertainment, due to chain of title criteria.



This is the type of file you will require for your production.  Available formats include – 

R3D-2K to 6K 

2K DPX 10bit 2040x1080 

Pro Res 4444 1440x 1080

Pro Res 422 HQ 1920 x 1080

Avid DNxHD 1920 x 1080

H264 1280 x 720 8.6mpbs.  

Databunch has selected these file formats, as they are the most popular with all audio-visual industries.  If you have requirements for a particular file format that is not on our list please contact us so we can arrange your particular file format.  



All projects that will be using your selected clip must be entered in this selection.  This ensures that indiscriminate use by a third party of your selected clip can be monitored.  If you wish to use your clip in a project that you did not list at the time of purchase, please send us an email notifying us of the additional project.

Once you have completed all of the required fields you will be able to proceed to the checkout by clicking “Go to Cart”.

A shopping cart window will appear.  Please check that the product you want and the required fields have been completed to your satisfaction.  If you have any discount codes that you are able to apply, this is where you do this.  Please see below regarding “Discount Codes”.  Select “Proceed to Checkout”.

Before you get to checkout you must either login to the Databunch site or create an account with Databunch.  Please fill out all “Required Fields”.  Once logged in you will be directed to a new window that prompts your Databunch account details such as your billing address for your credit card.  Select continue.  This will prompt a window to enter your credit card details. 



Q: Why do you ask for the project title in checkout?

We monitor all projects for adherence to the Deed of Licence.

Databunch needs to ensure for our contributors that the use of all purchased clips are being used for the projects for which they are intended and within the conditions as set out in the Deed of Licence.  You are able to use purchased clips for as many projects and as often as you wish during the licence term.  However you must nominate the projects for which the clip is intended. 

Indiscriminate use by third parties can be monitored and checked providing accurate project titles are entered at the time of purchase.  Any subsequent projects for which you use purchased clips must be declared to Databunch by email.  Databunch frequently checks the usage of purchased clips.  Where we find discrepancies we will be contacting you first.





Q: How does the download work?


 After purchase you will recieve 3 emails containing


  • Tax invoice and relevent permits and clerances for chain of title (If applicable).
  • Download details and password.
  • Credit Card Purchase receipt from eWay.


Q; What currency does the purchase price reflect?


Prices are in Australian dollars (AUD). 


Q: How long does a download take?


Times are dependant on your Internet connection and the size of the file you have purchased.


Q: I have found a clip that I might like to purchase but the website purchasing process does not fit my business model.  What do I do? 


Please contact us and we will be only too happy to assist.


Q: How do I know about a clips copyright?


We take great care in clarifying ownership of copyright by a contributor but ultimately

the responsibility rests with the contributor.

If clips have featured people or protected locations and objects such as some architecturally designed buildings or works of art, we request release forms for these from our contributors.  We do not submit clips for licence on the website if Databunch has not received release forms for obvious content that require permissions.  We cannot guarantee that every clip offered for sale is completely covered for releases and permissions.  Databunch will supply you with all received permissions and releases at the time of purchase and download.


Q: What happens if download is unsuccessful?


In the rare event of an unsuccessful download please contact us by email with details for delivery of a clip. 


Q: Can I use the clips or part of for other projects than stated in check out process? 

No. When you purchase a clip it cannot be re used for other projects in any way as noted in the Deed of Licence.


Q: How do I agree to terms when purchasing clips from Databunch?


You are required to read accept the terms and conditions for the Databunch website and read and agree to the Deed of Licence at the point of purchase and download.  If you do not agree to both documents you will not be able to purchase and download any product. 

Q: What gateway does the payment go through?

We use eWAY® a proven provider for many years.


Q: Do I have to pay tax on my purchase?


A GST of 10% is applicable if purchased and downloaded to an Australian territory only.

All other buyers are exempt.


Q: Do I get a receipt of purchase?


Yes, we send a receipt to you by email.  


 Q: Do Databunch give discounts for bulk clips and for independent/low budget or student projects?


Yes. Databunch is proud to support emerging and student filmmakers.

For information about this and purchasing bulk clips discounts please contact us.

Note that discounts are at the discretion of the contributor and would require approval from them and details of project.

A small end credit for the contributor and Databunch may be requested.


Q: Can I request other file types than stated at checkout for download?


Yes, we can transcode on request. A small fee will apply.  Please contact us for details.


Q: What timeframe can I license the clips for?


Advertising is based on 1 and 2-year terms, corporate and website are 2 years and Drama, Documentary and gaming are in Perpetuity.




Q: How do I contribute to Databunch?


For Databunch to review your clips email us at and tell us how you would like us to review your work.   You can either -

Provide us with clip information and a web link or

Mail to us a USB sticks or files on DVD (non returnable).


Q: How do I deliver the clips if Databunch accepts them after preview?


Contributors can ship drives to us or upload directly to a secure server. Large drives will be returned to Contributors.


Q: How long is the term for Databunch to License my clips?


5 years.


Q: Can Databunch remove my clips from the website for any reason?


Yes, we reserve the right to remove or add any clip at any time.


Q: What file types does Databunch accept?


Footage to be originated from 1080P at minimum (unless historical) and higher resolutions are preferred.

Footage must be in edited clip form at a minimum of 8 seconds up to 2 minutes (unless Car or vehicle tracking plates).

Required files from original are

  • R3D (If originated on RED)
  • 2K 10bit DPX if post stabilized etc.
  • ProRes 422HQ 1920x1080P or 4444 
  • DNxHD 1920x1080P
  • H264 720P at least 8.6 Mbs
  • H264 from GH4 Lumix

Please contact us for Adobe and Compressor pre-sets for transcoding.

If the contributor is unable to supply the different file types Databunch can transcode the clips for a fee payable by bank deposit prior to transcode.  Please contact us for the rate card for transcoding.


Q: What if I have 35mm negative only?


Please supply us with a digital copy of the 35mm negative material for assessment.  If the material is acceptable to Databunch we are able to have the negative transferred to data. Shipping and handling and any processing costs are the responsibility of the Contributor. If you do not have a digital copy of your 35mm negative please contact us to discuss.


Q: Do the clips have to be Exclusive to Databunch?


No, the contributions can be Exclusive or Non Exclusive.

If you have over 10 clips Exclusively with Databunch we can add your bio page under "Our Contributors" on the home page.

If you choose to submit your work Exclusively to Databunch you will receive a higher royalty than Non-exclusive.

We cannot accept clips that are exclusive to other Libraries.


Q: How do I prove Copyright ownership of clips?


Footage must be owned or licensed exclusively by contributor/s and we will request ownership details from you.  This could be as simple as letter from you stating you are the rightful owner of the submitted footage and there are no other third party owners.  Documents such as Release Forms for featured people/actors/models and protected locations and objects such as some architecturally designed building or artwork, must be submitted with your contract prior to acceptance.


Q: What are the Royalties paid by Databunch?


Databunch selects only high quality material from talented contributors.  Databunch supports our contributors with higher than standard industry royalties.

However each clip that you supply will be sold at different prices for different reasons.

Each clip that has been accepted by Databunch is graded for its quality.  For example, a clip featuring talent in a national park of exceptional beauty and quality shot on a camera with 4K resolution will demand a higher price than a clip that is of non featured public in an urban environment shot on a camera with acceptable resolution.  The first clip would have cost the contributor much more to simply get to the location, accommodation near the location and supply the superior camera.  It would also require the contributor to supply shooting permissions from the National Park authority and probably the traditional owners of the landscape as well as release forms and payments made to the featured extras.  The contributor of the second clip probably has none of these costs.  It has therefore less value to the contributor.  The contributor of the first clip would expect to receive a greater royalty for his clip than the contributor of the second clip and he will at Databunch.

Each potential buyer will be purchasing clips for different needs.  For example a producer who wants an aerial shot of a country town shot at the highest resolution for a cut away for a particular scene in a feature film will need to pay for the quality of the clip, the right to own the clip in perpetuity and be able to show it on all media around the world.  This type of clip will attract the highest sale price.  The sale of same clip for a corporate video solely for an Australian audience for one year will attract a lower sale price.  Databunch has priced this clip accordingly.

Each contributor will select wether they will be exclusive or non-exclusive contributors to Databunch.  Exclusive contributors will receive a greater royalty than non-exclusive.

Members of the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) receive royalties greater than the Exclusive/ Non Exclusive rate.

Your contract as a contributor sets out the percentage of each sale you will receive for your clip/s depending on your status as an ACS member and wether you are Exclusive or Non- exclusive.  To work out the value of a particular clip, use the shopping cart and enter values for format, usage, territory, licence term and file format.  There are 2 different ways your clip can be purchased and therefore 26? different prices.  You then apply your percentage to the price of the clip.  That is what you will receive from Databunch once your clip has been purchased in that form.


Q: Does Databunch sell Royalty free clips?


No. We believe our footage to be of a high standard and reasonably priced.


Q: How would I know when a sale of my product is made?


All sales will automatically generate a notification email to the Contributor on receipt of funds transferred into the Databunch account.


Q: How would I be paid for my contribution?


Payment is made directly to the Contributors bank account within 14 working days of Databunch receiving funds from the buyer.  Databunch respects the quality of your work and we will always pay you promptly.


We review all submissions.

For Contributor Agreement please register and contact us here