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A preview link for preview download will be visible after registration.To download watermarked video select DOWNLOAD PREVIEW HERE on product page.

File Delivery

Files are downloaded using FileCatalyst® Express managed file transfers up to 50Mbps via an email notification link. With a good connection 1Gb can be transfered in under 5 minutes.

FileCatalyst® is used by Military and large media companies including Sony Pictures and Dreamworks. FileCatalyst utilises secure UDP technology for extremely fast downloads regardless of your connection.This service is provided by Databunch free of charge.


Independent and Student Projects.

Databunch is proud to support emerging film makers.

Independet and Student Film Makers requiring footage on a low budget should contact us for licensing.
We will take each project on its merit after consultation with the Contributor and  reviewing documentation provided.
We cannot guarantee licensing and all decisions wil be final.
If approved we will grant a one off discount code to download clips.
Databunch and Contributor end credit for these projects to be agreed by Buyer and Databunch.

File Quality and File Types

Databunch takes great care in transcoding files from Camera Original.

Buyers can choose R3D, 2K DPX, 4444, 422HQ, H264 codecs for download.
We never up-res files from original format excepting 8mm footage which has been copied to Pro Res 442HQ.

Download times will vary dependant on the buyers internet connection and the size of the file they are downloading.  The greater the quality of the file format the bigger the size of the file and the longer it will take to download.  Databunch will not be held responsible for internet connections and the time it takes to download our files.

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