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  • Provide URL links to your online content.
  • OR Upload preview clips at high speed via the FileCatalyst Express app to our secure server (free service).
  • OR Post USB sticks and DVD. Non returnable and who wants to do that anymore?
  • View our Contributor Contract or CSV template for automated site uploads.

We pride ourselves on representing our contributors so we offer

  • Minimum 40% royalty rising to 50% (Exclusive and ACS member) 
  • 5 Year contract with all copyright maintained by Contributor.
  • All sales notifications automate to your email immediately.
  • Secure payments using eWay Payments to your account within 14 days of sale.
  • Exclusive contributors with more than 30 clips get a bio page with your photo! Linked to your collection.
  • FileCatalyst Express for fast, secure Uploads for your and buyers fast downloads as a free service.
  • Australian Cinematographers Society members get added benefits.

Footage to be originated from 1080P at minimum (unless historical) and higher resolutions around 5K for video and 2K - 4K for timelapse is preferred.
For buyers convenience and increrased sales we can deliver R3D, 2K DPX (If post enhanced or stabilzed), 4444,442HQ , DNxHD, H264.
A contributor can upload the different file types or Databunch can transcode the clips from camera original copy for a small fee.
Footage must be owned or licensed exclusively by contributor/s and we may request ownership details at certain times.

All documentation i.e Release forms for featured people and or iconic or religeous locations (If any) are required.

Databunch prices are structured with three tiers.
We dertermine pricing by quality of image, length of clip, resolution and any post production attributes.

Any pricing decisions for clips are made by Databunch and are final.

For a contributor agreement contact us

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